Good grief!

As you all know, it’s Good Friday, and that of course means that the food I’ll be eating today is wildly different from anything else. On Fridays during Lent, I pretty much go semi-vegan, with cheese probably being the one exception. Right now, I’m eating this crazy stir fry with tofu, cauliflower, peas, carrots, baby corn in this sauce that my dad made with hot bean paste. It tastes a lot better than it sounds, but it’s definitely one of the more inventive ways to get through the day. The tofu is very necessary, given that without meat, there’s a lack of protein. Of course, there are plenty of vegan-friendly alternatives out there for protein, many of which were recently developed for the bodybuilder community. For instance, whey protein can be found in many drink mixes and energy bars (I usually have Zone Perfect bars). There’s also soy protein in soymilk and in the Odwalla Protein Monster. It’s a perfect source of protein at 33g in every bottle of the Protein Monster, but beware that there’s not only dairy protein included (if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan), and there’s also 50g of sugar in it, which could drive diabetics up the wall. Almonds are also a great source of protein today. I just happen to have Wasabi Soy almonds at my desk. I sound like I was preparing for Good Friday like I was preparing rations for a bomb shelter. I came ready! Hahaha

I’m really in the mood to play some golf now. I mean, it’s beautiful outside, finally warm as it should be, and I’ve been working hard on getting my swing back in shape. I can’t swing it the way I used to, especially after the slipped disk almost two years ago. I hope I get the chance to play! It’s my new year’s resolution (since I had nothing better to resolve haha).

So I’m mapping out my schedule for my “visit”. Only five people actually know about it, but I’m working on where I’m supposed to be at what times. Here’s how it looks:

11 am: Arrive at UMBC, find Burton, Alina and all the usual suspects (they shouldn’t be too hard to find =P they’re only in two places on campus)
Noon: Birthday Lunch with Steff!
2 pm: Some free time with Cara

I still have to find out when Lisa and Ha are free, because I’ve been wanting to see them too. But it’s going to be a great day!

One day later…

Alright, so I got lazy with this post, and now it’s Saturday. It’s actually really nice outside! This morning, I went to work with my dad on the yard, so I mowed the lawn while he was trimming everything. The thing was that there are big potholes in our grass because of the plows during winter piling snow in our yard (we live at an intersection), so it took up a bunch of turf along with it.

After that, my dad and I headed to the driving range. While we were there, a little boy was just motoring all over the range, yelling and stuff. This of course alarmed the owner, since the boy could get mowed down with people swinging clubs, so he tried to find anything to occupy the kid’s attention. He ended up getting this tin of marbles for the kid, who then opened it up and spilled the marbles all over the pebbles on the ground. Everyone was like -_- but I wad pretty entertained by it. After the range, we went to the putting green, where some maniac was trying to practice chipping and kept airing balls over my head while I was putting. I mean, not only was it inconsiderate that he kept chipping to the hole I was putting into, but to keep doing for 15 minutes just shows bad taste. Golfers can be really uncaring people lol

And last night marked my first cash in a PokerStars tournament! I finished 50th in a field of 1,413 people, and won 1,843 in chips for it. The tournament was no limit Omaha, which is probably one of the games I really need to improve a lot, so last night was great working practice! Tomorrows the big round 2 tournament that I qualified for several days ago, and the game will be Omaha Hi-Lo, so I gotta make sure I’m on my game tomorrow to get into that $2,000 prize pool!

Alright I just made it to the mall. Time to find a mothers day present and find some good stuff ^_^ see you later!

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