Craziest April coming up?!

March was, in a nutshell, chaos. They don’t call it March madness for any other reason, but April’s proving to be a far greater beast, but in more of a positive way. The next few weeks are going to be hectic for good and bad reasons. One of the biggest highlights is that my friend Stephanie has finally returned from Seoul, where she’s been for the past 18 months. She was doing just about everything under the sun over there, from teaching to graphic design to taking classes in the Korean language. Tomorrow is her actual birthday, but the celebration is planned for this Saturday, so it’s bound to be an awesome turnout. I got a couple of things I need to crank out for that celebration this Friday. Also, my sister’s coming home this weekend for Holy Week, and my family was met with an interesting offer from the owner of one of the best Italian restaurants in Georgetown to come have a meal during the Easter break. That too is going to take place on Saturday, so it’s bound to be nothing short of a chaotic day for me, but it all has purpose. I get to have dinner with the family together for the first time since my mom’s surgery last month, and I get to see one of my best friends in the world to celebrate her 24th birthday. It’s gonna be sick =]

But it doesn’t stop there! My friend Lai’s birthday is coming April 11th, so I have to get her present sometime this week, and make my way up to Laurel to deliver it. The present should be catalyst for things to come, and that’s gonna be happening on the 11th, and then that next weekend, I’m going with my friend Karina to see Titanic 3D, in all its glory. I haven’t seen Karina for a longer time than I haven’t seen Steff, so I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it 😀 After that, we got tax day looming, but after April 15th, my friend who’s becoming an accountant will finally be free and done with the CPA exams, so we’re going to head up to the new Earth Treks rock climbing facility, aptly located in Rockville. We’ll be taking classes in belaying, and hopefully we won’t get wrecked by the Aggro Crag lol

So after a particularly downer of a month last month, it’s finally time to reconnect and get back into it. I’m getting lots of projects at work that’ll keep me in overtime for a while, not to mention the expected office move that should be confirmed in a week or two. I’m gonna be getting a new spot in the building that’s closer to the people I work with, and further from the chaos of the rest of the office. I’m still gonna try to be online on vent, hopefully streaming some stuff. I still have three other blog articles to write (FUUUUUUU-), and I sure hope there’s enough time to watch the Masters and opening day of baseball THIS Friday. But I’m finally getting everything in shape and in order, and getting rid of the useless stuff that’s been wasting my time (people who know me know what I mean), and now it’s go time 😀

I’ll see you guys around!

– Danny

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