Lackadaisical blogging habit address

Yes, I know there’s been a little bit of blog latency (not that a whole lot of you had noticed). However, there have been a couple of things that have come up since the last couple of posts – in fact, some of the things were happening WHILE I was writing a few of those posts.

The first, and obviously most important event that’s occurred is that my mom recently went into surgery to have her hysterectomy done laparoscopically. This happening March 1, and you might have noticed that I wrote a blog on that day – I was actually writing that post while waiting in the hospital’s lounge area while the procedure was being done. Overall, the procedure went without a hitch, and I have millions of thank yous in order for everyone that sent in their well-wishes and prayers to my mom and our family. She’s back to work today, so I’m definitely going to be checking up on her periodically to make sure she’s okay.

The second is that I’ve been planning a couple of projects, many of which involve this blog. I’ve decided to release the Song of the Week story that I had written for some of my friends via e-mail, which included music to accompany the stories. I’m going over the plotlines once again to see if they need tightening, because I felt some sections of the story could use some revisions since it sounded more like a teen novel than where I wanted it to be. I also wanted to work on the darker Lowest of Lows storyline, but I would need to be in a certain frame of mind to write that, since it’s really dark, edgy, violent, and somewhat political lol

On top of that, there’s a million places I have to be. I want to visit my friend in Michigan, my friend out in Northern California, my friend from Korea is actually coming back in a week and a half, and a bunch of other stuff. It’s a lot of mobility, a lot of running around, but I love it 🙂 It makes you feel alive, you know?

But all of the regularly scheduled programming is coming soon once I can get all the stuff cleared off my desk and be able to put my attention into this blog and the other blog. But until then, see you later!

– Danny

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