Wah Wah….Thursdays – Serving non-seafood stuff at seafood restaurants


For one, be quiet. I forgot about Wednesday.

Now, If you work at a sushi or seafood restaurant, do me a favor and DON’T PUT ANYTHING FISHY IN THE CHICKEN AND VEGETARIAN OPTIONS ON YOUR MENU! Why in the hell would you bother doing that? If people want to eat chicken at a seafood restaurant, LET them eat some damn chicken. Don’t sprinkle all these magical fish flakes all over it! I myself have an incredibly terrible fish allergy, and a lot of the waiters are jerks and they’re like “Why would you come to a sushi restaurant if you’re allergic?” The truth is, I HATE it when people have to change their considerations and reservations because of my allergy, so I always go with it. Most of the time, I don’t mind tagging along to a sushi bar or seafood restaurant, because at least there are vegetarian options or some sort of poultry on the menu, and that’s cool. But honestly, if they’re vegetarian options, why have I seen some people putting seafood in the VEGETARIAN dishes? It defeats the whole purpose, and God forbid there’s someone with an allergy like me, a vegan, or someone who doesn’t eat it for religious reasons. I just find it to be the most inconsiderate thing a restaurant can do.

Even worse is that when you go to a seafood restaurant and order something with chicken, some places don’t even REMEMBER your order. I’ve been to Coastal Flats countless times, a relatively decent seafood place in Northern Virginia, and maybe 75% of the time, they forget my order because it ISN’T SEAFOOD. It’s ridiculous! That’s why I’ve gotten into the habit of checking out a menu for a place before I go there, to make sure that everything is okay for me. My friends and I went to a sushi place that did ALL of these things – they would put fish in the iced tea, if they could. The tonkatsu (which is a pork dish, for those that aren’t familiar) I ordered was covered in fish flakes and baked in fish grease. Honestly, that’s showing me that they don’t have a lot of variety. I was literally about to walk across the street and get some Subway for dinner.

With THIS being said, It’s time to introduce the second half of this post, that only some of you will be able to view. All parts of the second half are copyrighted by ME.

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