Wah Wah Wednesdays – Your name on a tattoo

Why do people get their own names tattooed on their body? I mean, tattoos are supposed to be an expression of art that you want permanently embossed on yourself to show a sense of individuality. I can understand if you want to get a spouse’s name tattooed on yourself to show your devotion, but in this day and age, relationships are fleeting, and sometimes that one you tattooed on yourself gets away, and forces you to cover it up with a picture of a fish.

But why the hell would you want your OWN name tattooed on you? What’s the sense in that? Is there a practical reason for it, like if you die, the coroner will still be able to identify your body without the forensics team? Is it so that you’ll remember what your name is in case you get too wasted one night at a club? If that’s the case, you might want to consider tattooing it upside down so that you’ll be able to read your own arm, or even have it tattooed backwards so you can read it in a mirror. Better yet, if you’re seeing double, you can have it tattooed so that it appears in 3D! But still, I think it’s a little obsessive just getting your own name tattooed on you, not to mention ridiculous. But hey, if it’s your thing…

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