(This is based on true events that happened to me today.)

So I was on my lunch break, out to play the lottery
Hoping that dumb luck could make a millionaire outta me
But on my way there, I saw a sight I’m not used to seeing
Sitting on the ground with a sign – a beautiful human being

Analyzing her, much to my surprise
She had raw, natural beauty – what caught me was her eyes
Haven’t seen a countenance that attractive in a while
Rosy pink cheeks and a gentle little smile

Couldn’t tell that she was homeless – had a big coat and nice pants
But you could tell from details she was a victim of circumstance
What in the hell was she doing on the street?
As I thought, security made her get up on her feet

She was getting moved out, and I got a little nervous
Tried to check my bank account, but my phone didn’t have service
Couldn’t have been any older than myself
Forget the lottery now, dammit, all I want to do is help

Ran to the closest ATM to quickly get some cash
Back to the spot where I saw her, I continued to dash
But when I got back to the spot, she was already long gone
Probably to hide away from the dusk to see the next dawn

I know that she’s strong – I know she’s a survivor
My only hope is that tomorrow, I could still find her
Same spot, same place, same time, different day
With goodwill and contributions – but for now, I’ll pray

Pray that she finds herself a better deal of luck
I know with this economy – it’s easier to give it up
She had to be a sign from higher up to to let me know
That what we reap in the world comes from everything we sow

I make a good deal, and it wouldn’t hurt for more
But still, I have a soft spot for helping out the poor
What good’s a million dollars? You only have it for a while
I’ll give it to someone deserving, because I want to see them smile.

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