With love from overseas

I know what it’s like to be in love with someone from a long distance, so I wrote this poem/song a little while ago based on long distance relationships. Enjoy!

When I close my eyes, girl, I can almost hear you sing
Maybe it’s the ocean air in my ear whispering
The distance in between us like going from here to Venus
What to do….at night when I need you?

It almost makes me wonder why I did this to myself
How I can’t see myself in love with anybody else
I’ll talk to you tomorrow, but I’ll feel a bit of sorrow
all alone….we’ll talk when I get home

I’m counting back the hours so that I’ll know when to call
It’s crazy with these time zones that we ever speak at all
Through postcards and the Internet, professing love I won’t regret
It’s hard….being this far apart

You call to say “Good morning” when it’s nighttime over here
And when I saw good night to you, high noon is drawing near
At night I stay awake wondering how long it’s going to take
to fall asleep….and hold you in my dreams

Just want to say I love you, and I miss you every day
I know that times are hard because we’re just so far away
But one day, we’ll be together, our good times will last forever
You and me….That’s where I want to be.

For now, I hope you hear my voice while you’re reading this song
You’re beautiful and perfect, but you knew that all along
There’s no more words that can describe the feelings that I have inside
tonight….one day, we’ll reunite, my love

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