So why am I not a member of the APA Billiards League?

First of all, Happy 2012 to everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve written on here, mostly because of the holiday season and everything. You can expect to see a lot more posts on here, especially when it comes to creative writing spots and anything else that comes to mind. Of course, there was one thing I wanted to talk about that’s gone a bit unfulfilled from last year.

Last year, I said that I wanted to join a billiards league. I’m a huge fan of every discipline of the sport, and I love going head to head with some of the league players at the local (by local, i mean 20 miles away) pool hall. I felt that going to a billiards league would help me elevate my game beyond what it is now, and get the feel for real competition, and while that may be the case, there’s just a few things that don’t work for me.

The first thing is clearly the schedule. I just got a promotion at work, and I can’t afford to be waiting until 1 in the morning to play a match with someone. On top of that, by the time I get to the match, I might not be into it. I play pool the best when I WANT to play. If I have to adhere to a particular schedule as it pertains to playing pool, there may be days where I just don’t feel like playing, and that’s not the ideal time for me. I’m going to shoot like crap, and it won’t be all that fun to me. By not joining the league, I can take advantage of playing whenever I want to play, and feeling that connection. The distance I have to travel is also a problem, and I neglect to mention that since I started going to the pool hall, I’ve developed a severe phobia of driving alone at night. I can’t do it anymore, and the only time I can go now is in the daytime on a weekend, if possible. Any other time isn’t comfortable for me.

Another thing that bothers me (and this comes as no offense to the people at the pool hall) is that when you walk into those doors, you’re pretty much walking into a Spanish soap opera. I mean it, there are some serious issues in there. Being part of the league would also mean that I would have to be subject to that stuff on a weekly basis, which is probably a lot more than I would ever want. I can endure some of it in very small doses, but even then, it’s still more than what I’d desire, and it becomes tiring. I come there to spend time with my friends and have fun, and I end up being a counselor to a handful of people, and as much as I love to help people out, a lot of these problems are beyond my power to help people out with, and I’ll just leave it at that.

One of the biggest reasons that I haven’t joined the APA League is because when I head to the pool hall, I’m really only there for a few people (usually just one person, actually). It’s fun getting to spend some time with my friends, but they’re usually running all over the place, and it’s hard to keep up. I don’t really get the chance to spend that quality time with the people I came there for. I’ve tried to spend some time with the other people in the pool hall, but I can never really get that big of a connection with a lot of them. The guys I know from UM are awesome to be around as well as a couple of others, but apart from that, the only real connection I get with people is in playing them, and for me, that isn’t enough. When I go back to UMBC, I have my friends there, I can go play with them, and then after, we can head to a restaurant, see a movie, play tennis…hell, we even went rock climbing. The thing about the pool hall is that the people there live to play pool, and I admire that.

But I’m not one of those people. I love to compete and excel in the game, and I get a big thrill out of playing great games with people, but there’s so many other things that I do as well, and joining the league would cut into the time I have to do everything else. There’s so much I want to do away from the table that I feel it’s for the best that I don’t join. There’s thousands of other minute details for this decision, but this pretty much explains my side of the story. I know I’m bound to get a lot of chastising remarks for what I said here, but the experience just hasn’t been what I thought it would be. I’ll keep playing pool, and that won’t change, but I’ll do it on my terms. And by my terms, that means a lot of SNOOKER! lol 🙂

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