Wah Wah Wednesdays – Unfollowing people

I recently had to unfollow a couple of people on Twitter because they keep making pointless tweets. The whole point of Twitter, or any social media, is for people to keep track of you, see what you’re thinking or doing, etc., etc. But honestly, two-word tweets that you post every couple of days isn’t just boring, it’s also annoying. When I’m on Twitter, I like to see what people are up to, but if you’re posting something like “i’m dying”, what’s that supposed to tell me? Are you actually dying, did you drink too much, eat too much, or just craving for attention? I’m sure if you were ACTUALLY dying, the message would be a little more heartfelt or panicked than that. And what am I supposed to say to a status that just says “Peanut butter”? I mean, you have 140 characters in a tweet, dammit! The most you could do is add a couple of m’s at the end so that you can convey the message that you’re a peanut butter enthusiast. But don’t just write “peanut butter” and expect people to understand you. Come on.

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