Wah Wah Wednesdays (late)

Why is it that people still print out e-mail messages? I’m not talking about the times where you print an e-mail if you need it for documentation of some kind or if it has a list of items that you need for a particular task, but rather. I’m talking about people that print e-mail just to read it. I mean, one of the big reasons why e-mail is considered a green practice has to do with saving paper. On top of all that, I really don’t believe the e-mail is going to say anything different if you print it out. It’s already on the screen, you know? Why would you need a duplicate of that? If it’s too small on the screen, there are accessibility options that can help you to enlarge the text on the screen. I’ve heard some people say that it hurts their eyes to read an e-mail on the screen, which I understand, but you still do everything else on the computer most of the day anyway. I don’t really see how taking a couple of seconds to print an e-mail and read it would give your eyes enough rest when you still look at a screen for the other 7-8 hours in the work day. Come on, guys. =P

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