New format!

So a lot of you may have noticed that, well…..there’s nothing new on here anymore. Well, that’s going to change. See, when I made this blog, I thought that this was going to be more of a diary, and while things have been happening, it isn’t anything that I hadn’t already told you guys. But what I really wanted to get back to doing was writing about things that I’ve seen in any avenue that’s piqued my interest. I always find myself seeing something on TV, doing something, or a whole host of other things where I could literally write a 3-4 page editorial on it, and sometimes I even write pages about one topic in an e-mail draft, only to delete it later. But now, I want people to actually see what it is that I’ve been writing.

Now, I’ll write about anything and everything that catches my attention. It could be about music, people, politics (well, maybe not politics, since I’m just an idiot when it comes to that), silver spoons, arm wrestling, farm animals….anything I feel I could write a substantial amount about, you’ll see it here. I just hate it when I’m in the mood to write a ton, and I don’t have a place where people can actually read it. It might be really random, and a lot of you might not even know I’m into some of the stuff that I’ll be writing about, but at least it’s a good chance to exercise my writing bug. There may be some creative writing in their too, since I think about stuff like that while I’m in the shower. But it’s bound to be a much livelier place in this blog over the next coming weeks =] Hope to see you here!

– Danny

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

1. Why it’s painful being an area sports fan
2. Snooker > All American pocket billiards formats
3. My growing disinterest in team sports
4. What is the “sound” of this millennium so far?
5. Live blogging for sports events
6. Yes, I am a fan of professional wrestling
7. What I know about weight loss
8. Why is Top Gear USA just not as good as Top Gear UK?
9. How I was right about television tournament golf several years ago
10. What the HELL, Square Enix?

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