Driving at night, injury prone, mega playlist

I’ve been kinda bored, and when all my friends are studying, I have a bunch of downtime during the week, and too much energy to waste just sitting in front of a computer or a TV. So I’ve taken to driving at night: no destination, no people I’m trying to find, no goal to achieve in being in the car, really. But it just feels good to be out there behind the wheel and having the senses engaged, especially since I’m not physically able to exercise (coming up next). But most of the time, I’m just the passenger on the way to work, and it’s a much better feeling to actually be the navigator. I have three cars to drive, all of which have different personalities altogether. First, there’s my car, a 2001 Honda Civic EX, which is the car I had on campus for my senior year, and the one I drive the best given all of the familiarity I have with it. Then there’s the 1995 Honda Passport, a big SUV that was pretty much my family’s saving grace from last year’s snowstorm. It’s got tremendous lean anytime you turn, the speakers are busted, but it’s still a great car to have for those emergency situation. Finally, there’s the 2006 BMW 325i, a real gentlemen’s car, and quite honestly, the car I’m least comfortable driving. I mean, I love the idea of driving it, but I’ve always liked to feel the road when I’m driving and to get that connection with the car, and I just can’t get it with the BMW. Everything in it is automatic, almost to the point where all you’re really doing is steering the thing. I just can’t warm up to it. Don’t take it from me, though: I’ll probably be the one that’s going to be driving a Land Rover later on.

To elaborate on what I was saying earlier, I’ve been seriously injury prone as of late. I did come down with DeQuervain’s tendinitis recently, which is like this sharp pain at the base of the thumb, but now the pain is running up and down my whole arm, and I’m scared that it might be lapsing into carpal tunnel. I’m planning a trip to the doctor really soon to figure out what it is, but I haven’t been trying to do anything too physical and risk aggravating the muscles and ligaments in my arm. It’s bad that it’s my left hand, since that’s the hand I write with, and I can’t give it a break if I’m writing at work. I’ll probably bring in the heating pad again just to keep some sort of relief.

I’m working on a giant 90’s playlist. Help me out with it, because I know you guys probably remember a lot more than I do (and I do remember quite a bit of 90’s music: my 90’s house library is huge lol)

I had a lot more to write about, but I completely got distracted and forgot all of it. I’ll come back later with something!

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