The lesser of two evils

I was just doing some food research (one of my unspoken hobbies), and I came across some pretty interesting information for all of you guys out there interested in gaining muscle and monitoring your protein intake. Now, it’s quite difficult trying to find healthy and rich sources of protein in all of your daily foods. Supermarket brand oven-roasted chicken breast slices are pretty healthy, with 17 calories per slice, 3.5g of protein, 0.5g of carbs, and merely 0.1g of total fat. However, fast food choices seem to have supercharged levels of everything else in it, which lead me to an interesting discovery.

Five Guys is known for it’s unbearably healthy options (/sarcasm) , and has quickly become an American staple in the fast food industry. For instance, a Five Guys cheeseburger contains 55g of total fat per burger, 165 mg of cholesterol, 840 calories (roughly 1/3 of the daily recommended intake) over 1g of sodium, and 40g of carbs (in particular, the butter-soaked bun). However, it also boasts a very substantial 47g of protein, which looks like candy when presented to a bodybuilder seeking protein for high-powered anaerobic workouts. However, I’m here to introduce a lesser evil that, albeit not any healthier, does appear to provide a desirable protein level for less damage to your internal organs.

This alternative is the original recipe fried chicken breast from KFC, which (unlike the the Five Guys burger) does not have a bun, and consists of poultry as opposed to fatty red meat, which poses much higher heart risks. Also, the chicken breast has less of everything bad for you in it: 15g of total fat, 110mg of cholesterol, 320 calories 710mg sodium, 4g of carbs, and a tantalizing 42g of protein. So even though KFC is still considered fast food, it’s not quite as bad for you as a chain like Five Guys. The only difficulty in a KFC chicken breast would be resisting the temptation to eat a few more.

So indeed, when choosing fast food options, there aren’t many particularly healthy selections to choose from, but there are definitely some less unhealthy things you can eat if you have that undesirable craving for some American fast food. This also doesn’t have to revolve around the protein aspect alone: just comparing all of the fast food options is a great way to learn about what you’re eating. So I want to hear from you guys about what kinds of fast food you prefer to eat. Sound off on the comments box, let me know what you want to see the nutrition facts for, and we’ll compare them all not to show you how unhealthy they all really can be and discourage people from eating in these places, but rather to show you what would be a better option if you’re undeniably going for fast food, and you’re caught between two choices. I’ll put together a big power leaderboard showing the fast food choices that are the worst for you, as well as those that are less bad for you. Vegetarian and vegan options are also welcome, so as not to exclude people!

A note about this list: statistics for Subway sandwiches and Chipotle burritos usually consist of a sum of the statistics of the ingredients, so if you want me to tailor your favorite sub or burrito to this list, let me know what you put in it!

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