The two playlists

Here’s the track listing for the two playlists that will be coming out. Each playlist will contain some written media by me as well as concept art that inspired the creation of the two playlists. There will also be bonus tracks and additional media that will come out after these playlists, so be sure to keep coming back here for updates!

Volume 1 – The Lowest of Lows

1. The Hero of our World
2. Violet
3. Suenos Destruidos
4. Doomsday Clock
5. Quietus
6. Neutralized
7. Pandemonium
8. Break Point
9. Deconstruction
10. Apparition
11. Deterioration
12. Revenge
13. Dead to the World
14. Tristesse Globale

Volume 2 – The Highest of Highs

1. Ascension
2. High Above the Clouds
3. Appreciation
4. Just Beyond the Horizon
5. The Meadowlands
6. Felicity
7. Intermission
8. I Wish I Could Stay Here Forever
9. We’re Gonna Make It
10. Marshmallow Nightmare
11. As the Sun Sets
12. Drifting Away
13. In Loving Memory
14. Rebirth

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