One step

I was just watching something about disorders and addictions, and I wanted to write something about overcoming addictions.

All of my life, temptation’s been around me
Desires and the appeal of things that have surrounded me
Volition slowly making way to an addiction
Addictions quietly becoming a dependency

Shut the door quickly behind me, lock it both ways
Throw the key away and hide my face from the world
Too ashamed to face up to the problems that consume me
Not trying hard enough to help discover the cure

You were the person that I ran to for my quick fix
Now you’re the only one who holds the remedy
The one who holds the key I threw away so disconcertedly
With your hand in mine, you helped to take me away

Now I can look back at everything that I’ve achieved
And I owe it all to you
Because you were there for me and you never stopped believing
I gained the strength to overcome all of my demons

And even if you can’t hear these simple words of praise today
I hope you keep your head held high all along the way
Making a difference in the world isn’t easy to do
But every journey begins with one step

Dedicated to JJ =]

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