Too much to write about

So a bunch of stuff happened since last post (apart from the new look; I hope you like it!), mainly because that post was about two weeks ago, actually. For starters, my dad just turned a year older, but I’m not quite sure which year that was =P lol he’s 63-64 now. For his birthday, I paid for one of the 42″ plasma TVs he bought recently, and my sister got him a subscription to Road and Track magazine, as well as a new all-in-one toolset which features a telescoping neck so that dad can access those hard-to-reach places.


A big (and not a very good) reason why I’ve been away is that I’ve discovered a new TV show – Top Gear! XD I’ve always been into cars, but this is the first show that actually provides entertainment with high class supercars. It’s a great show, and even the Stig introductions amuse me to no end:


I’ve been doing a lot of free writing recently, but I can’t seem to find anything that sounds good all the way through. I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff like MC work and rap, and all of the rhyme I heard seems to flow so well, whereas mine flows for a couple of lines and then hits a wall when I start trying to build a rhyme more around the rhythm than the idea. Also, in the process of repeating it over and over, I just begin to dislike some things more and more. Below are some of the bits and pieces that I have written down that might become something later. Some parts sound awkward, and some just don’t hit home the way I want them too, which is why I didn’t continue with them.


It’s tough trying to find the words to say

All the voices in my head shouting out today

Try to calm them all down, close my eyes and pray

Wishing I was there to help you wash the pain away

Feeling the feelings of fear, sadness, anger, regret

But just wait; there’s satisfaction that you’ll never forget

No need for you to hang your head and give it up just yet

It isn’t you; that doesn’t sound like the person I met (?)


I’m glad that I met you, agonized I can’t have you, frustrated that I can’t make up my mind

You’re one of the reasons I get up in the morning, but also the reason I can’t sleep at night.


I’ve built my life around the simplest things, with you as the centerpiece that rises above


Negativity wrapped inside calamity

Water rising steadily, making it harder to breathe

Keep your head above the water, but you barely can see

The jeopardy in dangers that are still much further ahead


I usually write around some saying or some phrase that I hear which just sounds melodic as soon as you say it. A lot of the time, I find these things through facebook statuses, so if you guys write something poetic, don’t be surprised if you see it again!


I did manage to reinjure my foot recently while playing on an electronic drum set. I was practicing the drum pattern for “Race for the Prize” by The Flaming Lips, when it started to flare up on me again. It’s plantar fasciitis, which is basically the muscles of the foot getting inflamed to the point where it’s unbearable to walk. It plagued me on the first week I started working back in 2009, and now it’s back. It’s not nearly as bad as it was last year, since last year it was in both of my feet, and was so bad that the podiatrist truly believed I had broken both of my feet. I do have my foot heavily taped with this thick, plaster-like tape that acts like a molded cast, and it feels incredible when it’s on.

Of course, I can’t be overly active with the injured foot, so I haven’t been doing a lot of moving (hence the Top Gear interest I’ve picked up). I still have a few more short videos to put out that I haven’t gotten around to working with yet, and I expect to be doing some of those soon, too, once I can interlace better graphical things with the videos. I’m expecting to move away from iMovie once I get a new computer, and go for some more adventurous things.


I have an idea for the release date of the two playlists. I only have a couple more names to give them, and I’m constructing the bonus track puzzle (it won’t take long, but still do it when you have some free time). The playlists will be released in consecutive days, and the folders will contain not only the songs, but also the concept art that inspired the lists, some written media regarding the construction and idea behind the lists, and a couple of easter eggs as well. So it’s shaping up to be really fun, and I hope to have it out by the end of this month =]

There’s a bunch of stuff I still feel I’m forgetting, but this is getting pretty long, but stuff is coming for you guys soon! ^_^

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