New layout, playlist updates, exploding TVs and melting computers

Hey everyone,

Before I begin, the new layout change was sparked mostly in part because it appears that a friend of mine has the exact same theme! I wanted to keep it fresh, so we’ll go with a new one until I can figure out how to tweak out my own. It’ll be changing a few times until I settle on one I like.

Work on the next two playlists for the Song of the Week is underway, but the story I wrote for one of the playlists is just way too twisted, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable actually putting it out onto the internet (the ending of the first playlist is way too dark to justify the second one). The track arrangements are going to stay the same, but instead of writing the story, I’ll be renaming the tracks after the chapters I was originally going to write. That way, you won’t actually know what the tracks are going to be until you open them, and you can also follow (in a minimalistic way) the storyline I was putting together. With both playlists, I’ll be writing a foreword that will explain the inspiration for the playlists.

I’m also thinking of new themes to pursue for the future. One of them is definitely going to be my favorite music for rainy days (like today), and possibly one based on the future. But that stuff is on it’s way, and I’ll be putting up the chapter lists once they’re done. The second playlist is a little bit harder to arrange since it revolves around the same melodic concept, so I’m trying to find a way to make it flow.

Sorry that I haven’t written on here in the past few days. A bunch of random stuff has been happening around here, most notably the fact that my family had just purchased a couple of flat screen TVs, with one intended for my parent’s room and one intended for my sister. Of course, as karma would have it, not a few days later, the TV in the family room blew up, so we had to use one of the TVs to replace it. It works fine, but the TV stand is really short, so now the TV is sitting at a level better suited for a Japanese household. I’ll post a picture of the TV on my Twitter feed in a little bit. But we’ve been on the hunt to find a TV stand big enough for the new TV.

So today, my dad and I headed for this new Best Buy that opened around our house to check out the TV stands, and there we found out that this new Best Buy actually had a section for musical instruments, so there were guitars (acoustic and electric), drum kits, keyboards, turntables – all of it with a selection broad enough to put Guitar Center to shame. We were playing around with the electronic drum kits there (I got really hooked on them), and I thought about looking into buying them, only to find out that they go for upwards of $2200. Yikes! But after all the messing around, we got around to the TV stands, but the one that we wanted which fit the contemporary thing we’re doing to the house wasn’t available in the store. We’re going back tomorrow to have it ordered, instead of driving out to Laurel to get it.

Also, posting has been greating impeded here on WordPress due in part to my computer pretty much being on the verge of croaking. I bought this laptop in 2007, I’ve dropped it numerous times, and I’ve already grilled one hard drive on it. I’m planning on getting a new one soon, just as soon as I settle on what kind I want. It most likely is going to be a Mac mini with 4 GB of memory.

I better cut it off here – the computer’s already overheating! I hope I can post a more meaningful blog update soon! See you later =]

– Danny

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