Announcement: Song of the Week

Hey guys,

For a couple of my friends, I’ve been doing a Song of the Week – basically, an e-mail where I provide them with an mp3 of a song that maybe they haven’t heard that sounds good. Then, in season two, I decided to write a storyline based on the songs that I chose, to make all of the songs more relative and to give them some sort of unity. I wanted to do my best to give it as close to an album feel as possible. The only difficulty last time was that I didn’t actually finish the storyline on time, and I was writing the end of the story while I was telling the middle portion.

Now, I hope to do things differently. This time, I want to release the whole thing all at once, in its completed form. The Song of the Week will be open to everyone via this blog, but this time the entire playlists and the full stories will be available as soon as they’re finished. Notice that I was using the plural: I’m beginning work on two different storylines for the Song of the Week, one of which is the continuation of the other, and both of which will engage different emotions and senses. Now, the storylines are far from complete, but the song choices and especially the song order is underway. From what I’ve gotten so far, this is going to be a crazy journey.

However, this project won’t be overtly accessible. You will have to search to get to it, and finding it isn’t going to be easy. When the time nears, I’ll point you in the right direction.

See you then.


– Danny

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