Andrew Wolf Memorial Bursary Fund

On September 16, my sister’s friend Andrew Wolf was riding in a charity cycling event in Canada when his life was tragically taken in an accident. The news of Andy’s passing has visibly shaken the members of the community and the charity which sponsored the event, and has since established the Andrew Wolf Memorial Bursary Fund to help support children who are passionate to bring about positive change in the world just like Andrew. I encourage everyone to donate whatever you can to this great cause. The charity that Andrew was racing for is The Otesha Project (, which is an organization led by Canadian youths that strive to create local and global changes through individual and collective choices. They believe that each decision has an impact on the world and, with the right choices, we can all bring about change in the world for the greater good. The Otesha Project travels throughout Canada to perform theatrical pieces, musical events, workshops, and speeches to help reach out to people and motivate everyone to make better decisions for themselves and for those around them. Although the tragedy still casts a shadow, the project will continue their steadfast work to help reach the goals that Andy worked so hard to realize, and any support to their organization and their cause is greatly appreciated.

Here’s the link to the fund:


I won one quarter from a Redskins football pool that I played over the weekend, and as promised, I will pledge to donate the winnings to the Andrew Wolf Memorial Bursary Fund.


I’ll have another blog update later today, but I felt that this post should be written independent of the rest of my blog. I’ll see you all then!

– Danny

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