Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

I’ll try to keep it short for everyone this year, because I knew that last year’s note was too damn long. To make it easier for you guys, you could just do the Ctrl + F thing to find your name. It’s a lot easier than having to dig through. But thank you guys for all of the love you sent through e-mail, texts, and facebook. It really means a lot to me to hear from all of you, and to know that you’re all doing well. It’s awesome that I could check my phone, and see that I have 47 unread messages:

Before I start, I’ve been getting texts today telling me that some people aren’t able to post on my facebook wall. My facebook has a tendency to switch random people off. My sister couldn’t post anything for a couple of months at one point. I’m working on getting it all back together. Sorry about that, but I appreciate the kind thoughts!

But anyway, let’s get to it:

@Stephanie Jung: Technically, you were the first one to have the ability to wish me happy birthday! I hope that everything goes well in Korea! Si tuviera un gato, tendria un hijo! lol

@Alina Lee: We’ve already brought in our birthdays with style on the ship, but I had a blast that whole week in the Bahamas! Thank you for inviting me, and I can’t wait to do it again =]

@Dan Cheung: Thanks man! Keep on rocking out on Mafia Wars lol

@Calvin Mao: Thank you! Hopefully I’ll make a couple more visits to UMBC. I heard they had more handicap parking spaces in the Commons garage, so I’ll have plenty of room to park. That whole parking thing is stupid, though.

@Julia Floriza: Why thank you, Julia! And yes, I did have a wonderful day =]

@Lai Li: Thank you, teacher ^_^ By the way, have you become a pool pro yet? =P Haha we must see each other sometime

@Sophia Kim: Thank you! And congratulations again on getting engaged! When’s the wedding? =]

@Aleksandra Piletic: Thank you, and congratulations to you on getting discovered recently! Can’t wait to see you all over ads for Express or something much fancier =]

@Michelle Wu: Thank you! Hopefully things start warming up in Christchurch soon =] We’re all sick of the heat here.

@Bridget Pooley: Thank you! And keep on rocking my Twitter 😎

@Leny Floriza Delos Santos: Thank you! And sorry about that 850k last week XD

@Stephen Kawata: Thank you, sir! Hopefully you’re doing well where you are. What have you been up to post-undergrad?

@Lujain Said: Thank you! I hope you and Amir are having a great and blessed Ramadan =] Hopefully you find more halal around the area haha

@Lauren Alford: Thanks to you! One of these days, I’ll break out my bike and ride the Wilson Bridge pathway. I’ve been inspired by your exercise regimen!

@Kelly Harris: Thank yeeeeew =D I hope you do well on your ifa exam (whenever it is lol cancel cancel cancel)

@Kimberly Shurupoff: Can’t believe it’s been five years since I met you at orientation! But I hope you’re doing great =] You’re probably the undisputed facebook app champion of anyone I know haha I should get you the Cena title belt for your birthday!

@True Grit: Thank you, and the other 10,000 undergraduates at UMBC, for the birthday wishes!

@Nelson Barnes: Thank you, and keep on writing! The next time BGE screws up and leaves everyone in the dark, I’m there lol

@Leonard LaPierre Horne: Thank you! Have a great semester at Morehouse =]

@Liz Chemmanoor: Thank you!! I haven’t seen you in a while, but I hope you’re doing well!

@Lany Delos Santos: Thanks Lany! I doubt I can beat your Bejeweled score this week lol

@Ben Krehbiel: Gracias, man! Keep on rocking my Twitter too =]

@Rica Carreon: Thank you =P I would blow a raspberry at you, but I don’t want my dentures to fall out and shatter all over the floor

@Hythem Sidky: Thank you, sir! I hope all’s well with you! Dammit, now I have the urge to find a snooker table again lol

@Aaron Quade: Thanks, Aaron! By the way, Rica was talking about you not too long ago haha

@Seena Arramraju: Thank you, Seena! I’ve been doing great, and I hope you’ve been well, too!

@Brenna Spickler: Thank you, and have a great senior year! =]

@Byron Lin: Thanks, man! Hopefully I’ll see you around more this year. If I can find parking. lol

@Christina Floriza: Stanks =P this 4x4x4 Rubik’s Cube is haaaard! I might get Denise to help me with it lol

@Sudhir Desai: Thanks man. It took me forever to figure out that was you on Facebook. That new name just kinda came out of nowhere, and I thought I added somebody out of the blue haha

@Cara Wychgram: Thank you! I guess the only thing that would be better than having the US Open starting on my birthday is being there. And if I ever get two tickets to Flushing Meadows in the future, you’ll be the first person I’ll call =]

@Betsy Eyler Verrips: Thanks, Betsy! Those cupcakes still figure out a way to evade me, but they can’t hide forever! (Come to think of it, I’m wearing my SAL shirt right now haha!)

@Zubin Mistry: Thanks, Zubin. Keep on being the mack daddy (I saw the pictures lol)

@Chantal Winston: Thank you! Keep on smiling, too =] I seriously think you can make people’s days better with your smile!

@Yoni: Thanks, dude. I read that story you put up a while ago about getting pulled over by PG just cause he wanted to check out your car. Guess the cops don’t know what a sick ride looks like lol

@Denise Proctor: Oh man, I feel you on that one. I went from the Bahamas to Jacksonville to Ft. Lauderdale to Baltimore to Home (Landover), then back out to DC, Leesburg, and McLean in like three days. I have supreme boat lag, jet lag, maybe even internet lag! But I appreciate you waking up from catatonia for me =D Maybe you can help me with my birthday present (see @Christina Floriza). Let’s catch up sometime =]

@Kyle Proctor: Thanks, man. Keep smoking Yoni on the tracks (I can’t wait to hear the bitch fit he throws when he reads that haha)

@Joe Burch: Thanks, Joe! Hope you’ve been doing well over there =]

@Andre Wilburn: Thank you! Don’t worry about that crazy shit, either. But Mr. Sanders, dude? hahaha!

@Surosh Nazeer: Thank you, Surosh! I haven’t seen you in forever! I hope you’re doing well =]

@Jake Simmons: Thanks a lot, man! I wish you nothing but the best in the future =]

@Wuya Lumeh: Thank you, Wuya! We definitely should hang out. It sucks being a DC guy (all this Redskins talk is KILLING me! I wish I could see Ravens games down here, but they keep blacking out!)

That’s all I have for now because it’s getting a little late (I’ll update the list tomorrow!), but I just wanted to take the time to say that you guys are the best friends in the world. Thank you all once again, and I hope to catch up with you all soon!

– Danny

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