Short story of the day

Here’s my feel good story of the day. Today, I went out with my family to Leesburg, Virginia to check out the Leesburg Premium Outlets over there. This place was designed sort of like one of the stops that people would make from Dulles International Airport, kinda like a welcome center. In the food court, there was a vending machine from the Virginia Lottery that had a bunch of scratch-off tickets, and I was in a particularly adventurous mood, so I got one for $5. I ended up winning the $5 back from the scratch off, which, although quite uneventful, was still a win in my book.

I decided that with the $5 I “won”, I was going to get some lunch, given that my family was already in the food court and it was about time to eat. I went for a chili dog (the healthy options kinda went out the window), and while I was in line to pay for it, the guy in front of me had a pretty sizable meal to pay for, but he was one dollar short. He was searching everywhere, and visibly embarrassed by the fact that he had all this food prepared for him, but still couldn’t find another dollar to make the purchase. I decided to spot him the dollar, knowing that he didn’t have another dollar on him, and with a complete understanding that I wouldn’t be repaid by the guy, nor would I ever see him again after today. After all, a guy has to eat, and I felt like I really didn’t have anything to lose by letting him have a dollar that he needed a lot more than I did. Grateful, the man thanked me and went on his way.

The cashier took notice of what I did too. “That was a really nice thing you did for that guy,” she said. “I do what I can,” I replied. Because of the act that I did, the cashier was nice enough to take a discount off of my meal for the good deed. It really does pay to be nice to others. I always loved the little gestures that can make people smile. I encourage everyone out there to do something nice, whether it’s for someone you know, someone you don’t, or someone you wish you didn’t. Whether they appreciate it or not, it’s always great walking away with the feeling that you tried to make someone’s life a little easier, their day a little brighter, or just something to make them smile. It may not seem like much right now, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. =]

– Danny

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