New look, massive headache, etc.

I guess I’ll start by addressing the new layout change. Yes, this is the new look for my blog, complete with an even goofier title. I really just can’t think of a good title for this, to tell you the truth, and that font is killing me. On top of all that, too many people asked me why I made a reference to myself as an Oreo (dark on the outside, white on the inside!), so I changed it for that purpose, too. But this layout is a little more compact, and there’s a small splash of color in it as well. I’ve also begun work on the different pages of this blog (I had no idea WordPress had extra pages as a feature), so as of the time of this blog, there should be four pages: The home page, which you’re viewing right now; “My Sites”, a listing of all the social networking sites that I take part in; “About me”, which is a very vague and roundabout way of explaining myself; and finally, a list of my favorite sites to visit. Each one of these pages will be updated with more of my favorite things to become increasing chaotic and very difficult to follow. I hope you like it!

I just got up from a nap because I came home with this gargantuan headache. I was over-clocking myself at work today trying to get all caught up and clear my desk so that I can relax and have a good time for my upcoming vacation, but it came to the point where it just hurt to keep going. But after a little Tylenol, a shower, and a little bit of downtime, I feel a little better.

Alright, I’ve been sending my friends a Song of the Week, and I also wrote a story based on all of the music, but I recently discovered a concept album that’s just far above and beyond the rest in terms of creativity – an album that can tell a story a whole hell of a lot better than I could ever imagine. I’m talking about the newest studio album from Janelle Monáe, entitled The ArchAndroid. This album is just completely amazing – in musical composition, in storyline, in concept, in just about freakin’ everything. The main concept that the album revolves around is this: The setting is about 700 years into the future, and the ideas of expressing freedom and love are being suppressed by a group of cloaked individuals in a secret society called The Great Divide. To combat the members of the Great Divide, an android from further in the future was sent back in time: Android 57821, aka Cindy Mayweather. Cindy is an android that was programmed to not be able to feel or emote, but somehow, she gains the ability to feel, and even falls in love with a human. However, the Great Divide has set forth rules against androids that do not comply with their restrictions: any android that is not subservient should be immediately dismantled.

The ArchAndroid actually consists of Parts 2 and 3 of the story, but each one of the songs is downright amazing. When you listen to the songs at random, they’re good songs, but when listened to in order, the songs take on a whole different personality with seamless fluidity. On top of that, Janelle’s so multitalented that there’s something for everyone in the album: “Tightrope” is more of a dance song that features Big Boi from Outkast, “Oh, Maker” features a more folk-like feel in the beginning, “Mushrooms & Roses” has a bit of a psychedelic feel to it, The Suite II and Suite III Overtures are classical pieces with a little contemporary flair and special effects, and “57821” sounds like a “Scarborough Fair”-style song. There’s so much variety in the 18 tracks listed on the album, and all of them still hold true to the actual concept, which revolves around gender roles, love, oppression, and self-realization. I came across this album by complete chance (I used the music tagger on my iPhone when I heard one of the songs in Borders), and it’s definitely a must-have for anyone that’s a music collector. There’s so many different styles mixed into the album that Wikipedia even gave it 6 different genres. So definitely check that one out.

I just wanted to throw that out there. I should probably grab something to eat right now, since I kinda skipped out on dinner due to that headache I had. I’ll see you around. More site updates to come!

– Danny

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