Where the eff have I been?!

Hey everyone! Hope you all aren’t melting out there. Global warming totally sucks.

I’ve updated this blog once in every blue hell, so I figured now would be a good time to do it, seeing as how there’s absolutely no way I’m going outside today in the 190,000,000 degree heat. Just for a little perspective, here’s what my phone said yesterday:

So yesterday, I had some work to do. I’m not a workaholic by any means, but there was this mounting pile of stuff on my desk that I just felt I needed to take care of. So I was at work from 8 to 3:45, leaving early so that I could meet up with my friend Lauren at Buffalo Billiards. Now, I hadn’t played pool in months. In fact, one of my goals for this year is that when I can afford to do so, I was entertaining the idea of buying a pool table. There’s just too many places that overcharge for pool, so I figured it would be cheaper in the long run to just get my own. It’d also be a great thing because a lot of my friends from UMBC play pool, and having a pool table would facilitate the home game feel to it. Not to mention, at the very least, we could use the pool table to play poker =P

But it was fun getting to see Lauren yesterday, and just shoot around. I played pretty bad, but that didn’t stop me from having fun. However, while we were playing, this random group of people about 30-40 strong came into the pool hall, and they were pretty much the loudest group of individuals that could have come in. For the record, it was only about 4:30 when they came in, and they were all wearing these “I ❤ Kickball" T-shirts that they wore for a benefit kickball tournament for charity. But these people were acting like they were pre-gaming since like 8 in the morning. Most of them came in like they were already pretty plastered (a few of them started dancing on the tables), and it got to be a pretty loud ordeal. It was really hard trying to concentrate because I would try to take aim for my shot, and I would see some dude thrusting his pelvis vigorously in my peripheral vision. It was pretty manic in there, but still a great time. Lauren kicked my ass for a couple of games, too. Her shots were definitely better than mine! =]

Getting home, I was already pretty tired. I was up since 2 in the morning, and the humidity was just making my insides melt. I got home, had some dinner, took a shower, and I was chatting with someone online later when I just fell asleep on the computer. For anyone that knows me well, I ALWAYS have a tendency to fall asleep while I'm chatting online. I feel really bad when I wake up and look at the chat history, and all I see is "Hello?? HELLOOOOOOOOO?!" It's probably one of my worst habits.

Other than that, I've been running around looking for something to get my mom for her birthday. This time of the year is really difficult in terms of planning a birthday because my sister's birthday and my mom's birthday are really close together. I just got done planning everything for my sister's birthday (which was a great success. Chef Geoff's in Tysons Corner is amazing!), when I realized that my mom's birthday was only two weeks away! If I could pronounce "AHASHDAKSHADKSJ", that would be exactly my reaction. The biggest difficulty in all of this is that my mom never really expresses what it is that she likes, so we have to be really thoughtful.

But for now, all I'm really up to is just working out, and getting in relatively good shape for that cruise (It's coming in about three weeks, I believe). So it's becoming a really exciting time! I should practice my putting, come to think of it lol

Alright, gotta get going for now. I'll see you all later with more interesting stuff!

– Danny

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