Danny’s not as smart as he looks

This conversation took place between me and my dad today:

Me [Watching Dateline]: Who’s that?
Dad: That’s Anna Chapman.
Me: Who?
Dad: ANNA CHAPMAN. The Russian spy.
Me: What Russian spy?
Dad: The Russian spy that got swapped with American spies. You didn’t know this was going on?
Me: No.
Dad: They said she might be part of the KGB.
Me: What’s the KGB?
Dad: -_-

I’m notorious for being incredibly awful at social and political sciences. I know absolutely nothing about them. If you read my blog about my political compass, you saw the terrible reasoning I had for picking some of the answers I did (even flipping a coin on some of them). I’d love to find out a lot more about it, but everyone I ask a question to just says “You don’t know what affirmative action means?” to which I reply “No, because I’ve had two government teachers in my lifetime: one that was the owner of a cleaning company who mispronounces everything, like ‘Venezuela’, and the other was a nutball that was obsessed with the conspiracy theory surrounding the Kennedy Assassination.” If I had taken AP Government in high school, I would have pulled my own spleen through my nostrils and found it more pleasant.

In fact, I used to be an art history major, and the hardest part of art history was the actual historical context for everything. My teachers would be like:

“This painting was made in 1918. Can anyone tell me the significance of 1918 in Germany? Daniel?”
Me: “Umm…..I think that was when they made Gone With the Wind?”


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