What I want and what I need are at constant war

What’s up guys?

Sorry for the procrastination when it comes to this blog. There have been quite a few things I’ve been working on as of late. The biggest thing that I’ve been working on is the Song of the Week, where I’m writing a story based on the music that I chose. I’m trying my best to tighten the storyline, and try to make everything connect. There’s only maybe 3 characters total, and no dialogue because I’m not too good at that, but it still proves to be quite an adventure, and I’m really excited to see how it all turns out. The story is halfway done, and I’m even thinking about having two episodes per week because I realize that people are going away, and may not have as much time as they do now. So it should be double the storytelling musical goodness!

Also, I’m finally going to be going on vacation! I’m set up for a 5-day cruise through the Bahamas with some of my best friends. It’s gonna be a bunch of sun, relaxing, maybe some poker on the boat. It’s bound to be a great time, but I worry about how lavish it is, and I have to keep telling myself that I haven’t been on vacation in 5 years, and I usually don’t get to enjoy myself quite like this. Plus, the opportunity was presented to me, so what reason could I make up to turn something like this down? There’s just no way!

I’ve been following a lot of the World Cup action. It’s probably the most I’ve ever been into soccer in my life, really. But just the whole dynamic is really appealing. When you hear talks of the World Cup, people who follow soccer tell you about the strengths, weaknesses, and personalities of each team.

Wimbledon was pretty crazy, too, for all of you tennis fans out there. There were so many upsets and twists going on that it was hard to comprehend. The tournament started with John Isner participating in what looked like the French-American war all over again (of course, with the same outcome at the end of it all). Ted Robinson did have a pretty witty comment (probably the wittiest comment I’d ever heard him say) about the gifts they were given after the match: “I think they’re towels.”

(Note: For the first time his year at Wimbledon, the gift shop started to offer monogramming people’s names onto towels for a fee.)

Of course, then there was the glorious crashing of Americans, with Serena being the only exception, winning the Women’s title. Roddick lost to a Taiwanese qualifier, Isner ran out of steam after the three week….erm….three-day match, Venus was routed by Pironkova (I think), and Querrey, America’s longest male survivor, ended up losing to Andy Murray.

Berdych really broke through and beat Federer and Djokovic, and if he still had enough left in him to beat Nadal in the final, that would have meant Berdych had to go through the world’s top 3 players (respectively) to win the trophy. However, news broke just yesterday that Berdych had to withdraw from a Davis Cup match against Chile because of a pulled abdominal muscle. It may have been that Tomas just wasn’t 100% when he got to Nadal, because of the physicality of the other two matches. It’s really tough when you play that well, and then get to the final where the number 1 player in the world is waiting for you. And the thing is, Berdych played great tennis on Sunday, but Nadal was just unreal. But with the win, Nadal wins his 7th Slam, completes the French/Wimbledon back-to-back title achievement for the second time, and also wins the biggest cash prize in Wimbledon history of 1 million British pounds.

(Note: the prize was made 1 million British pounds so that it would be able to equalize that of a cash prize in America.)

I just realized I follow all of the less popular sports in America. I love watching stuff like golf, tennis, the Tour de France, and Formula 1 Racing, although I haven’t really been following F1 racing so closely this year. Of course, everyone knows I’m big on the action sports too, given my background as a skateboarder. But I was always more about individual sports than team sports. Not that I don’t consider team sports to be great, but I just think there’s too many people to worry about. When all of the sports junkies start throwing around stats, it gets to be chaotic when you talk about whole teams. But if we’re talking about individual sports, there are still lots of people, but it’s a little bit easier to track individual stats and performances as opposed to a bunch of people. I mean, especially with football it can be confusing, because you have to think about the starting lineup, the second and third strings, and a bunch of farm people that nobody knows about. It gets pretty drawn out, and I don’t like it.

On the family front, my family and I really didn’t do a lot for the 4th of July this year. However, there were some updates to our house that were sorely needed. The igniter on the oven blew out and the cable that holds the dishwasher door snapped as well. Both of the appliances are over 20 years old, so we finally decided it was time to change them. What worried me the most was the igniter for the oven, because if that’s bad, then gas would leak into the kitchen, and either make us pass out or, if there’s an open flame, might blow the house up. So I even said that I would pay for the new oven, if it meant ensuring my family’s safety. So we did find a great oven after a bit of searching, and it’s going to be delivered and installed this week. So it’s a pretty exciting time, especially because now, it would mean I’ll probably start to cook more. I’ve been meaning to cook a bunch of stuff, but all of the dials on the oven we have now are all worn away, so I can’t tell whether the flame is high, low, medium, bazooka, nose flaring, or what. I cook by the book a lot (I could burn water), so having the proper dials and numbers and stuff really suits me, and now I can start to try and cook stuff. Lord only knows that when I get my own place, I’ll have to start cooking a bunch of stuff.

I’m also floating on the border of semi-vegetarianism. Earlier this year, I changed my diet to a no-carb diet, and the results were pretty quick – I dropped maybe 5 pounds in the first week, and then maintained a steady weight from there. However, my heart health and cholesterol have become my main concern, so I’m really trying to figure out what it is that I can do to have protein in my diet without downing a 3 pound steak a day or getting one of those creepy protein powder formulas. I’ve been working with cashews, tofu, dairy, and chicken for protein, mostly, but one can only have so much of that in a day. So it’s pretty tough figuring out a diet that’ll work the way I want it too, because I’m really not a fan of potatoes or anything like that. I have a few vegetarian friends that I’ll be talking to in the near future regarding this, because I still don’t feel comfortable eating red meat. So cooking with the new range is going to be a strange adventure when beef is out of the equation!

Yesterday was really crazy. A friend of mine asked me for a favor at the very last minute, I got an e-mail from some random person that I think I’m related to, but none of it was written in English, one of my co-workers came to me with a weird question that had an obvious answer that she still didn’t believe (probably because it was coming from me). On top of all that, my car overheated on the way back home from work, and when we got home, we put up the ventilation hood for the new oven. I still didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do because of that last minute favor I did for my friend that pretty much scrapped everything I wanted to do that whole night.

Well, I hope all of you don’t melt out there today. I gotta go get some work done, but expect to see some small videos, playlists, songs, stories, and more coming your way soon! Hopefully I’ll be able to work on all of that and a bunch of other stuff tonight! I’ll see you later =]

– Danny

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