Family Feud sucks! (and other observations)

Alright, so I just screwed up royally on Family Feud, because the game decided to give me the vaguest questions in the world. Here’s how it went:

1. Name a food that you were nervous about eating the first time that you ate it.

Now, I failed this one quickly because all the answers were related to fish. News flash, mothereffers: I’M ALLERGIC TO FISH! I’ve never eaten anything close to fish in my life other than crabs and shrimp, and those two weren’t even on the list! I mean, I was typing “Turkey” into the damn thing just hoping for the best, even though I knew it was wrong. This question could throw off a ton of people.

2. Name something that parents can’t wait for their children to start doing on their own.

I answered stuff like laundry and paying bills, but these guys were talking about INFANTS! I mean, I’m a child to my parents, and I’m 22. Someone needs to rewrite these questions!

3. Name something you did as a child in public that you’re glad you don’t do now that you’re an adult.

Before I even start, some of the people playing this game aren’t even adults yet. They probably wouldn’t know the answers to this. But I said crying and peeing, which are reasonable answers, and they were there. But I also typed stuff like screaming and falling, which were things I frequently did as a child. Apparently, the child population wasn’t as clumsy and obnoxious as I was.

4. Name something you “squeeze into” (more specific than “clothes”).

Alright, I said a dress and that was about it. I tried “tight spaces” and “rooms” (if you ever lived in the Walker Apartments at UMBC, you’d know what I mean), and SHOES! God, how the hell was shoes not there? Why do you think someone invented the shoehorn? I mean, what where they thinking? Gah.

I’ve now concluded that I’m not playing Family Feud without a wingman from now on. I’m just not good at playing it alone. I mean, it’s Family Feud! You should have someone to help you out.


08 June 2010 – So today, we had a fire drill. A FIRE DRILL! Come on, I got a college degree with high hopes that fire drills would end there. But of course, it happened at 8:30 this morning. So we were all out on the sidewalk on K Street just trying to figure out what was going on. Half of the people out there didn’t even look like they were really awake yet. In fact, a lot of them were running to the hotdog stand on the corner to get some food before going back in. It was pretty amusing being outside, especially with all the people watching. I didn’t realize there were that man people in the building.


15 June 2010 – There was a big storm that hit our area last night, and it struck the building that housed my office network where I work, setting an electrical fire, and messed stuff up, so none of us could log in to our computers this morning. Eventually, they had to let us all go for the day around 8:30 in the morning, and we had to use our leave for it, but also get an opportunity to make it up later in the week (meaning the weekend). It was a pretty bad situation, complicated even more so by Pepco, who loves to slack on things like this. Hopefully all will be better for tomorrow, when we get a makeshift backup network set up. It should be a fun outing.

So I was out of work at 8:30, so I wandered to Marvin Center, where they were having some freshman orientation. Now, it’s pretty crazy when I realized that most of the people that were in there were at least 5 years younger than me. But the craziest part of the whole thing was that all of the campus guides for the orientation kept on directing me where to go. They thought I was a freshman! I get this a lot, and I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or not, but a lot of the thing, most people think I’m 16 or something. I know, I don’t look old at all, which is good, but at the same time, it gets a little crazy when I go to movies, and people think I need adult supervision. Of course, most people’s brains ice over when they see my ID and realize I was born in 1987. A lot of people that are older usually like to conceal their age by lying about it, but I have trouble convincing people of my ACTUAL age! God forbid someone decides to be bold later on and chop my driver’s license in half, thinking that it’s a fake. Not only would I have to kick some ass, but I’d still have to pay another $45 or something for a new one.


So another friend of mine just recently got engaged (I think it happened a couple of hours ago). Congrats to Sophia! It’s really amazing how much the opinions vary about marriage. A couple of my friends encourage me to get married before I’m 30, but another friend of mine says that the 20s should really be about yourself, and the 30s are about family life. Personally, I’m not involved with anyone at this point, so it’s tough putting it into perspective. I wouldn’t mind being married before I’m 30, but that’s only if I a) find the right girl (which wouldn’t be a problem. I know amazing people), b) am financially stable to support a family, c) have the right insurance to cover my family, d) am prepared to face the higher tax bracket thanks to the marriage penalty, e) have my own place, f) make enough money to pull all of this off. Now, I know Sophia’s ready for it. She’s going to be a great wife, but there are some people who do things a bit differently.

The thing is, there’s actually a stranger reason why a lot of people are getting married so early in life. See, most people abide to a religion where premarital sex is seen as a sin. So the way that I’ve seen a lot of people get around this is that they getting married at 18 to whoever their boyfriends were at their high school. Just to circumvent the premarital sex thing! It shocked the living hell out of me when my friend Euna told me that 90% of her graduating class from high school were either engaged or already married by the time we were juniors in college. They weren’t thinking about all of the stuff that I consider when we talk about marriage, you know? They just wanted to experience something that would otherwise be off limits had they not been married. I just think that’s an awful reason to get married when it’s seen as a means to an end. If you’ve been going out with the person for years, and you see them as a soul mate, that’s when you should do it. Most people get married after like 3 years in a relationship. I still think that’s not enough time. I mean, I barely learned anything in four years at UMBC! What makes you think I’m going to learn enough about my soul mate in four years?

But the big debate revolves around childbearing. I’m well aware that women’s clocks are ticking. It’s harder for guys to understand that because we have the easy part of the job, you know? I mean, my dad was 41 when I was born. Think about that. I’ve never seen my dad any younger than that. Granted, my mom was 30, and she had my sister when she was 27. But there’s so much pressure about childbearing in society now. Well, at least for the people that are serious about starting a family. I know one too many party people that don’t think about this stuff.

Most people are going to be quick to call out that I was a good student at UMBC. Indeed, that “I learned nothing in four years at UMBC” was just a joke. I learned quite a bit, but not EVERYTHING. There’s always much more to learn. I just said that to make a point: it takes a long time to know somebody. I know some people just want the security of having that special someone by their side, but the worst thing is winding up with the wrong person. So relax! =P

Alright, it’s like 3 am, so maybe I should go to sleep. Haha I’ll see you guys around! =]

– Danny

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