Reminds me of the second time….

First, I’m feeling a lot better than I was last weekend, for sure. Intestinal parasites are definitely nothing to fool around with. But I’ve been doing well, and I even got back to working out last night, so I’m feeling well (although quite a bit sore).

This past weekend, I went with my mom to Pentagon City for the first time in just about two years. I didn’t realize how much the place had changed (and how much the place hadn’t), but it was definitely fun to get back to the place after being away for so long. My intent in going to Pentagon City was really to find some stuff for my mom for Mother’s Day. I had a couple of ideas in my head, but it was difficult trying to find what it was that I was looking for because some of the stores I remember from two years ago weren’t there anymore! But eventually, I did find the things I was looking for, so cheers to that!

There was a comic convention somewhere in town, so a bunch of cosplaying nerds were all over Pentagon City. In fact, the majority of the cosplayers were Stormtroopers, so it was rather amusing seeing them walking around the Food Court with the complete getup, and then stopping at the Japanese grill to get some food. But a lot of them were stopped for photo ops by Asian tourists who thought this sort of thing was normal for Northern Virginia. ^_^


I was playing quite a bit of poker over the weekend while I was recovering from the stomach illness that I had. I busted fantastically out of many of the freeroll tournaments that I entered, but I did get to 711th in a 9,350 player field in a freeroll satellite tournament to the FTOPS Main Event. I lost when my pocket nines couldn’t stand up to AK of clubs. I wasn’t really too worried about it. I also played a couple of PokerStars tournaments. I won a 4-man sit-n-go tournament after I confused the living hell out of my opponent when we went heads up. I was literally changing gears every hand, and making crazy re-raises when I knew he was weak. He actually had a 3:1 chip lead over me going into the heads-up match, but I just love being psychotic heads-up. I did lose a 6-max tournament on PokerStars when I got to heads up, but the 6-maxes paid the top 2, so I wasn’t worried about it at that point. I was just having fun, and decided to shove with a 9-3 offsuit. Bad bad bad lol

I had a lot more written down for this post, but a lot of it was just ranting that I don’t think anyone really wants to hear. Particularly because it involves opinions that contradict popular belief. That always goes well. All I have to say is that you guys all got one life to live. So don’t screw it up! lol and if you aren’t sure if you’re screwing up or not, you probably are, since you have to ask! =P

Nah, in all reality, I deleted about 4 paragraphs of poker talk from here because it pretty much gave away my whole approach to poker, and I’m pretty sure that anyone reading this wouldn’t understand a word of it!


My company is actually holding a fundraiser where employees can participate in a golf outing to raise money for whatever it is they’re raising money for. I like the idea, but the problem is that the outing takes place in the MIDDLE OF EFFING NOWHERE, VIRGINIA! Normally, I’d take up an offer like that in a heartbeat, specifically if it was free for the employees or something, but there are a number of things I have to consider:

1. I haven’t played a round of golf in over a year
2. I have a slipped disc in my lower back, and I have no idea what it could do
3. The outing takes place on a Friday
4. I don’t have a 7-iron since I lost it at Laurel
5. Last time I played with people, my 4-iron distance was the other guy’s 9-iron distance

Now, I’m a slow swinger. I think at the highest, my swing goes to 95 mph. I always think I’m swinging a lot faster than I really am, and when I see the tape of my swing, it looks hypnotically slow. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I had to change my swing several times after my back injury, but I just feel like the wheels are coming off the wagon when I swing any faster. So until I can get a swing coach who can help me be more aggressive with my swing without damaging my body, this is as good as I’ll get distance wise. I’m perfectly fine hitting a 4-iron 165 yards for now, because at least I’ll know it goes that far.

Alright, I’ve bored you enough. Back to your lives, ladies and gentlemen ^_^

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