Guess who’s late?

I know, I haven’t posted in a while. Of course, from what you were reading from the last post, I was really just dying because of all the pollen. Literally, the one day I was outside last week, I probably inhaled enough pollen to grow a rose garden. It was like taking off all the green stuff that’s all over the cars and making it into a nasal spray. I only remember one other time the pollen was worse than this, and because of the last pollen extravaganza, I was sick for about two weeks. But I’m feeling a bit better today, especially because it’s going to rain today, which means more pollen will be washed out. Bring it on!

And of course, since I was sick, that means that the world has been passing me by. So, to make up for that, I’m going to talk about nothing! XP

So how about the Masters? Now, since I was sick, I couldn’t go to the baseball game on Sunday that my family originally planned to go to. However, with me sick, my mom working all day Saturday, and my sister off the path to Baltimore, and with the tickets coming at us at such short notice, There was no way we were going to get there. Of course, it really wasn’t such a big deal, since the O’s blew it in the 8th, so it turned out to be a good call to stay home. Instead, we stayed in (away from the pollen) and watched the Masters, and I have to say it was a pretty exciting tournament this year! People kept on coming out of nowhere, like Anthony Kim finding lightning in a bottle to get to -12. It sucks that he parred the last two holes, or he would have been in real contention. I think the biggest mistake for him was taking driver on 18, since I knew he was long enough to get into the bunkers on the dogleg. The guy already hits it a mile, so a 3-wood could have set him up better. But there was no getting around Phil this time. Now, I have to say, in the past, I didn’t like Phil, and I knew that he wasn’t really getting over with the fans. He’s talented, for sure, and he’s got a shot arsenal most people wish they could have, but his ego was just enormous back in the day. Of course, he’s a changed man. He’s 40, with three kids, and his wife and mother have breast cancer. He realizes now that there are more important things in life, and that it’s gotten through to him that he needed change. I mean, he hired Butch Harmon, lost a ton of weight, and he played better at Augusta than he did anywhere this season, and he kicked the monkey off his back from not winning a major since his epic fail at Winged Foot. He’s made his reconciliation, and he’s on his way back into the limelight. And Tiger, even though he didn’t win, could still make it to 4th place after a tiring (no pun intended) sex scandal and not playing for 5 months, being in and out of rehab. The storylines for this Masters made for great TV, and everyone had their game face on. Made me glad that I was too sick to go to a baseball game.

Just yesterday, my dad got a flat tire on Montana Avenue in DC. The thing is, I actually knew this was going to happen. We just got the tires rotated on Easter Sunday, and on the ride home from work on Friday, I heard some strange noise from the right rear tire. I tried to call attention to it, but my parents just kinda ignored me. Then, just yesterday, one of the tires explode, and wouldn’t you know it, it was the RIGHT REAR TIRE! Gee, I wonder why it blew up! Maybe because I heard the nail pierce the tire on Friday when we were on route 50! The moral of today’s story: I can be right sometimes! XP

It’s come to my attention recently that there are just some people that should NOT be in health care. My friend Kelly just injured her back recently, when she fell onto the wooden bedframe of her friend’s bed, and now she’s got some shooting pains and numbness in her back. She’s gone to the doctor, and all he’s really done was give her painkillers. Now, as a person who’s been through back injuries, I would not take this so lightly. This was an upper back injury, so if shooting pains are going into the legs, there could be nerve damage. If this doctor had any sense at all, he would have asked for a rheumatologist to examine my friend, or give her a referral for an MRI. I mean, if you’re going to be this lazy with your line of work, go manage a McDonald’s or something. This is my friend we’re talking about here!

I might start making a few YouTube videos again. I recently came across a couple of things that I could do which could merit a video. However, I’m experimenting with a MiniDV Camera that I had in my house somewhere as opposed to the Fujifilm digital camera that I’ve been using, where the focus sucks all the time because of the auto-focus in a dark room with a bright screen. The only problem with the MiniDV is that it’s a Sony, and we bought it before it accepted SD cards. I’ll see if there’s something I can do to capture the video right into my computer. I wish I had a screen recorder that worked for mac! I also have a big backlog of videos from the snowstorm that I could upload, so watch out for those!

More golf talk: Apparently, Jim Nantz is mad at Tiger Woods because he “swore” at himself on camera while he was at the Masters. Tiger Woods hit a bad shot, and then said “Tiger, you SUCK!” to himself, and Jim felt it was distasteful. Of course, this gives undeniable evidence that Jim Nantz is not a golfer! Anyone that plays golf and hits a really bad shot would curse up and down the fairway. Tiger was obviously playing for a hell of a lot more than we ever will ($1.2m, a snazzy jacket, and breaking a tie with Arnold Palmer for total Masters wins), and just the fact that he had the presence of mind not to drop the F bomb when he knew he was on TV was good enough for me. Besides, Tiger has enough money to BUY Jim Nantz.

In other news, the Washington Redskins got Donovan McNabb as their new quarterback after realizing three years late that the guy we had was terrible! I remember someone saying “Donovan’s in the middle of his prime” or something like that. If he was in the middle of his prime, why would the Eagles trade him for younger prospects? They must know the guy’s about as done with football as a steak in a bonfire, and his best shot for winning now would be on Dancing With the Stars.

I haven’t really played a lot of poker recently. I did order a new poker chip set with the U.S. Navy logo on each of the chips, so I could bring it to places to hold small tournaments or cash games. Of course, UMBC would be the ideal place to do it, as long as everyone’s of age to put some money down. The only thing is that in most of the reviews I’ve read for the set I got, the case is clearly really cheap.

Alright, that’s as long as I can stretch this out. I’ll see you all later!

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