I’m only happy when it rains >=[

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’m feeling awful! These allergies have been driving me up the wall. I’ve already downed about 16 oz. of coffee, but let’s get to the first orders of business: Congrats to Steff on landing the teaching job in Korea! I knew that she’d come through in the interview, and I’m happy that she’s getting the chance to explore the other side of her culture now. Also, my friend Kelly has a second interview for a potential second job today, so wish her some luck today as well!

But back to what I was saying about the allergies: this pollen is harsh! I’m glad that it rained and washed it all out last night, but my head’s been in such a fog from the congestion that I haven’t been able to think as clearly as I have been. I mean, it’s so bad that when people interact with me, I’m probably 2 seconds late on everything because my brain feels really stuck. I left my lunch bag in the fridge at work overnight by accident, and I also decided to play pool after work. Big mistake! I couldn’t make anything because my thought process was so clouded. On top of that, I pretty much lost my glasses at the pool hall, so that sucks even more! So when I got home, I immediately ran to the bathroom, got my nasal irrigation bottle, and just tried to wash out my sinuses. From there on, pretty much whatever I had planned to do (like working out, uploading CDs to my computer, or some of the other projects I’ve made for myself) hit the wall. I wasn’t in any condition for it.

Of course, I decided that in the midst of the pollen haze in my head and against my better judgment, I wanted to play a PokerStars tournament! So I played two freeroll shootout tournaments, each one with 81 players, and you pretty much had to beat the whole table to advance to the final table. The first one I completely donked out of, maybe left in 67th place (about 7th on the first table), and the second tournament I actually played well, making it to 6th place on the final table. So technically, it was 6th out of 81, which isn’t all that bad. My only problem was that I was playing AATW poker again: asleep at the wheel! I was passing out, and if it weren’t for those warning sounds on PokerStars, I would have folded most of the better hands I (literally) woke up with. After the second tournament, I had my fill, just looked around facebook for a while and then went to bed when I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Now, this may be just a random thought in passing, and I meant to include this in the last post, but for any of your guys that own pets or have become first-time pet owners recently, you might have noticed that the pet community is probably one of the most open and unconditionally supportive groups that I’ve ever seen. If there’s ever a question about a pet about anything at all, there’s an answer for it online, in books, and in any other major publications. Also, veterinarians are some of the nicest doctors in the world. They can handle clawing cats and biting dogs, and still do it with a smile on their faces all day. Most vets are really lucid and down-to-earth, and it always makes me wonder why this can’t be the same for the human health care community. And sometimes, the pet community can be a little over-indulgent of their companions, and when I was with my sister at Petsmart the other day, I noticed that some of the food for cats was labeled and presented in a way that sounds better than what humans eat. Here are a few examples:

“White Meat Chicken and Cheddar Cheese Soufflé with Garden Greens”
“Shredded White Meat Chicken Fare in a Savory Broth with Garden Greens”
“Turkey Florentine in a Delicate Sauce with Garden Greens”

What the hell? A DELICATE sauce? Why not make an “intricate, yet very cheerful and talkative garnish that likes candlelight dinners and walking on the coastline at sunset, etc. etc.”? Compared to the reprocessed trash stuff we eat every day, this sounds like a damn entreé. Besides, it’s not like the cats are going to give a crapshaith about what they’re eating so long as you feed them. I mean, who are these guys trying to advertise to? Usually, my sister’s cat just gets excited every time he sees an aluminum can. It might not even necessarily be a can of cat food, but he’ll get excited every time something comes out of the pantry. Compare that to “meat loaf omelet” or “salad with ham and turkey” and you realize that we lack a hell of a lot of imagination for our food. I mean, you can’t make a Hot Pocket sound any better than what it is.

“Our specials tonight: we have the sea bass, which is broiled, and we have the Hot Pocket, which is cooked in a dirty microwave, and it comes with a side of Metamucil.” – Jim Gaffigan

Alright, that’s all for now. I need to go waste another box of tissues. See you!

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