My thoughts were so loud I couldn’t hear my mouth

So it’s Tuesday, the sun came out, and apparently, so did all of the tourists that came to see the cherry blossoms, so traffic around the place was horrendous! But other than that, it was another day at work. It was so windy today, too. Every day, I go over to Marvin Center on the GW “campus”, and get free newspaper from the card-reader machine, but today, I was hanging on to that paper for dear life trying to make sure it wasn’t fluttering away from me. Come to think of it, because I work around GW, I never really felt like I left college, it seems. Sure, I don’t take classes or anything, but I’m still around people who are in that college mindset, and talking to a few of them really takes me back to the times I had to worry about declaring my major and looking for housing. I mean, it wasn’t THAT long ago or anything, but after being out of the loop for a while, it’s always a good reminder.

Was it just me, or did anyone else have really bad service with AT&T today? Every time I checked my phone today, it was either searching for a signal, or just completely gave up on it. I really liked the idea of having an iPhone, but I really didn’t like the service with AT&T. It’s almost like DirecTV. My family thought it was such a good idea to have DirecTV, until we realized that the regular Verizon stuff actually had more channels. And if we had that satellite dish during the two blizzards from the past winter, we would have been in deep crap. So that’s my advice to people: don’t go for DirecTV. You even have to pay extra for HD channels, and even more to get the HD tuner to watch it. It’s not worth it! I think the only good thing about DirecTV that I wish every state in the country would do: all DirecTV dishes have the same channels in the same places. So 271 here is going to be 271 on the other side of the country, and this is good. I just wish it was like that everywhere, instead of me trying to constantly figure out which channel NBC is. At UMBC, I couldn’t tell you how many times I tried putting my TV on Channel 4 for NBC, only to find some crazy French channel.

I’m not really a big fan of TV other than watching sports, but one of the HD channels I watch only had one show on it: “Beautiful Homes and Great Estates.” Pretty much all they do for the 8 episodes they constantly loop is show these supremely luxurious houses that are usually in Malibu, that are priced to the tune of $12 million or more. It’s pretty much a demo channel if you’re in real estate, and you’re selling a model home, but some of the houses on this show are downright ridiculous. If I were ever to picture a dream house, and I know I showed this to Kelly before, it would be this one: I love the concept of it! There aren’t really any rooms in it, because most of the ceilings to the rooms are open. This can provide for some great (and maybe unwelcome, if you’re trying to have some private time with a special friend) acoustics throughout the house. And just the whole wavy, postmodern look to it just looks amazing. But of course, I doubt I’ll ever make $12.5 million in my entire life, much less have the money to throw around for this place. But a guy can dream, can’t he? =]

I’m listening to this while I’m writing this:

Oh, I just found the tuner to my guitar. I should probably try learning something for guitar. I’ve just been messing around with the blues scale, and it came to my attention that you just can’t make the blues scale sound bad. Any notes in any sequence just sound great together, so it’s almost the foolproof way to begin improvising with guitar. But I want to try some more fingerpicking songs. I’m glad you guys liked the video I posted! I’ll try to bring you more =]

Alright, I got a few texts to respond to. See you later!

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