Fall through space, out of mind with me…

Don’t get too thrown by the title. I’m listening to a track from the new Gorillaz album called “Empire Ants”, and it sounds amazing. So what happened today? Well, it was a pretty dreary Monday, really. It was nothing but rain and bleh outside, and there wasn’t much to do after work because of it. Not a whole lot happened today, and I’m really beat right now because I just worked out a little downstairs. Let me say right now: if you’re going to do a plank with your feet on a folding chair, and your arms on a stability ball, you better have all the willpower in the world to stay on, because it’s RIDICULOUS!

A few of you probably heard about my most recent poker venture, where I came in 48th in a free tournament on PokerStars out of a field of 6,654 people to qualify for the second round of the tournament, which features a $2,000 prize pool. However, a lot of you probably don’t see me as the type of person that could be a gambler. And the truth is…I’m really not. Haha! I just play the game for fun, and also because of the dynamic of the game, and all the thinking that goes on when you play it. (I also like looking like a mind reader!) I like to mention that I do well and accomplish some great things with it, but I always mention that I play poker in passing, as I do with all my other hobbies. Why? Because it catches people off guard! I love to surprise people. It’s also because when I was younger, I wasn’t good at a whole lot of things. I was a pretty lackluster athlete, kinda flubbed my way through school and all, just being a degen.

These days, I want to be the jack of all trades. Anything that catches my interest, I really try to be good at it. It happened with pool, skateboarding, golf, guitar, art history, community service, and now it’s happening with poker. How any of these correlate is beyond me, but when I feel myself getting better at something, and I feel the progression and that feeling that you’re getting better, that’s when I get really invested in it. I just love the idea that every day, you can wake up with the intent of being better than you were yesterday. You may have off days, but you certainly can’t get worse. Lessons can’t be unlearned, after all. =]

Keeping my hobbies a secret is the fun part of it. Freshman year of college, I was a big nerd, and I was with the guy that listened to the hardcore music and did crazy shit. So one day, I brought him to my house to get my skateboard, since he had one too. Now, remember, I made the image of myself as the nerd that’s always studying and doing my homework and being a good boy. But when I started landing the tricks I knew on a skateboard while we were in my driveway, I could just see the shock on my roommate’s face. I was the last person that he expected to know how to do those tricks! It’s unpredictability that I love. Even my best friends learn new things about me every day =]

(This is what I talk about when nothing happens on a Monday!)

Speaking of pool (and running off on tangents), congrats to my friend Lai and her boyfriend (who she still won’t tell me the name of) on winning individual 8-ball and 9-ball titles last week respectively! I think it’s amazing that the two of them are a couple, and ended up scooping the prizes. Sometimes, it just works, right?

Recently, a friend of mine has been asking me about Christianity, and how she could become more involved and learn more about the religion. Now, I was raised as a Catholic, so I’ve had to take courses in ethics, church history, scripture, and all that stuff was part of the curriculum in the private schools I went to. And ever since I was voted “Most likely to become a religion teacher” in high school, I’ve been trying to draw on everything that I learned about Christianity, and try to make some sort of lesson plan. Yes, I really did become a religion teacher. Well, more like a tutor, really. But I’m more than glad to help! I’ve always thought it was great that people can look for guidance in spirituality. So I’ll try my hand at teaching this. You’d think after 16 years of religion classes, this would come easy, but it seems pretty daunting!

Alright, I need to stretch out right now, but I’ll see you all in the next post! Peace and love =]

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