Gooooood morning, Vietnam!

It’s hump day, and things are going pretty well! I decided against my better judgment to play another NLH freeroll last night. There were 10,000 people in this one, since it was a satellite to a major $1,000 tournament, and I was running really well! I made it to 92nd in chips at the first break with 28k, but ended up busting in 841st when my aces were cracked by a set of queens. But 841st out of 10,000 isn’t too bad. That’s the top 8%, so I’m happy with it!

Other than that, it was just another say at the office. For the life of me, I couldn’t keep my attention on my work today. There were so many things just running through my head! To top it all off, I accidentally ripped the cover to my iPhone so I went out to find one during my break. Fortunately enough, RadioShack just started carrying iPhones and the accessories today! So I got a new cover for my phone and didn’t have to walk down about 6 blocks to get it. The sales rep Olu was a really cool guy, too. He pretty much flat out read me and knew I was an IT major. Being an up and coming IT major himself, he asked me about the job market for IT people coming out of college. It was a pretty big eye opener talking to the guy. Oh, and for those who don’t know, RadioShack also carries livestrong bracelets! I’ve been looking for a new one since I broke my old one. Yes, I’ve broken a lot of things recently.

Another thing I’ve been doing a lot was playing a lot of pool after I get out of work. I actually feel like I’m building the confidence in my playing ability. I hope I can still compete against Kyoo, since I heard he’s been playing some strong pool. If not, I’ll just play him in razz hehehe

I really do need to visit UMBC. There’s so many people I want to visit, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to them all in one day. I know Lai’s been asking when we both can pay a trip to UMBC together, but the game room isn’t the only place I’ll be visiting if I go back.

I know, I’m rambling at this point. It’s crazy because I’m writing this whole post from my phone, I’m loopy from the allergy medication and I’m getting anxiety for what’s to come later tonight. Maybe I’ll do some more creative writing if I can think of a topic. Usually, I start writing when I think about a topic or just hear some phrase or saying that sounds good. I start writing based on that one thing. Like, with “with love from overseas”, I was just thinking of the phrase “why do I do this to myself?” and drawing off experiences of my friends, I started writing about a relationship on opposite sides of the world. It’s therapeutic for me, although I know there’s gonna be a bunch of haters. Haha!

Well I’m almost home, and I might even take a nap. I’ve been run down from working out, the pollen count, long hours at work, and my own personal demons. So I’m due for a nap. Peace!

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