The week’s just dragging on, and it’s only Tuesday!

First off, NO, I’m not really married! My friend made a facebook account with my last name attached to it just for shock value. Although it’s kinda funny the attention it’s been drawing already. She’s just teasing me for being single so long. =P Besides, I would have to be engaged before I get married! I’m not just gonna leap right into it! I still have a couple of years of singleness before I do that.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, I was getting ready for work this morning in the break room at my office, and one of my co-workers pointed out something about me that I hadn’t noticed until that point. She said, “You have a routine in the morning! I’m amazed by that because every morning I have to run in and out of my house because I forget things, and if my keys are in the wrong place, I’ll go nuts!” I didn’t realize it, but I actually had developed a routine every morning to make sure I have everything, which isn’t really anything so unnatural until my co-worker let me know that most of the people in the office don’t have a routine, which makes what I do in the morning seem so much more mechanical.

It seems like everyone’s been telling me recently that I live the life of an older person, and I believe it’s true. Compared to many other people that are my age, I seem like I’m living the life of a 28-year old. For right now, this is the life that fits me. Later on, I’ll be more out and about, but right now, I just have to focus on building a strong foundation. I’ve held off on many of the projects I wanted to work on, like the musical projects and YouTube videos because I feel I still need to learn more about the parts of the project in order for me to get what it is that I really want out of it. They’ll be coming, but I want to do them right.

Well, that’s all from this end. Hopefully Stephanie calls me back tonight, since I missed her call earlier from getting my haircut! Other than that, adiós!

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