Great weekend, bleh Monday >=[

So I haven’t really had a break in a long time (I’ve worked 23 of the past 28 days), and I decided that since I didn’t have to work this past Saturday, I would head up to my sister’s place in Northwest DC and make a weekend out of it. So I get over to her place, and from there, I had to head to my bank on Pennsylvania Avenue because the very nice people at my bank didn’t give me:

  • my PIN number
  • my password for online banking

I’ve been with these guys for months now, but I never had the time to actually get my account info straightened out since the place is damn near packed on my lunch break, so I finally got it all set up, and ready to go. From there, Christina and I headed out to Georgetown to go shopping. I’m not big on shopping, but after losing all that weight, none of my clothes fit me anymore! So I went around, got some lunch, bought a few things, and just enjoyed the sun.

One talent I apparently discovered when I was shopping with my sister is that apparently I know how to price clothing just by looking at it. My sister even started testing me, just showing me things and asking me how much they were, and I nearly got them all right. I really don’t know where the hell I picked it up, but it might be useful!

After we got back, I took advantage of the gym that was in my sister’s building and had a good workout, and I also hit the Korean supermarket that was on the bottom floor. Now, this place is pretty sick because they have just about everything you could need, and the people that run the place live in the building anyway, so it’s always around. They had to have made serious bank during the snowstorm over the winter. But they got all kinds of things in there: your standard groceries, all the spices you could need, tools, utensils, beer, DVD rentals, and even some international food items (they ARE Korean, after all!).

Then on Sunday, I got to go to Ben’s Chili Bowl for the first time! For those of you who aren’t familiar with DC, Ben’s Chili Bowl is pretty much the mecca of chili. The building itself is a historical landmark, and they’ve worked really hard to maintain the personality and tradition of the place. If anything, the only new stuff they’ve brought to the restaurant was an ATM and a TV projector in the back. But this place was always buzzing, and I’ve heard so many things about it, so I had to pay a visit to U Street to see what the fuss was about. Here’s Adam Richman with a summary of the place:

And god, were they all right. I got the chili half smoke, and it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. It seems to go all too quickly, and yes, the onions got stuck in my teeth, but it definitely lived up to the hype. On top of that, I got to watch the beginning of the Maryland/MSU game on the big projector, so life was good (well, up until the end of that game when Lucious drained that 3-pointer to boot my team!)

I was playing a LOT of poker over this weekend too. I managed to just squeak into the money of a 90 player NLHE sit-n-go, making 562 in chips, and then Sunday night, I played in a massive Razz $150 freeroll tournament. There were 7,215 people in this tournament, and the top 45 people get paid. I made it all the way to 92nd place, despite falling asleep three times during the tournament. I probably would have cashed in the tournament had it not started around 9:40 pm, but finishing 92nd against over 7,000 people who play this game for money felt really good. Razz has always been one of my favorite disciplines of poker, particularly because it’s difficult for maniacs to be aggressive playing this type of poker. They always say that Razz is the hardest game because it’s the only game where your hand can get worse as the hand progresses, but I think it’s a bit easier for a few reasons:

  • flushes, straights, and pairs don’t count
  • it’s a limit game, meaning you won’t get any hideous overbets to bust you
  • there’s a lot less bluffing – most of the people didn’t even know what they had, much less try to think about what you have!

Just before I came on here, I cashed in another NLHE sit-n-go 5th place finish, this time making 1,800 in chips. One of these days, I’ll go for the big $150 freeroll again, if they ever hold the damn thing at an earlier time!

The other down side to this whole weekend was that in the end, my sister ended up developing strep throat again. The weather wasn’t being particularly nice to her, so it flared up the lymph nodes in her neck, and now it’s gotten pretty ugly. She went to the doctor this morning and got medication for it, but the real concern was actually if I was infected with it, too. After all, I did spend a weekend with her in her apartment, eating some of the food that she had and all that. I hope nothing develops out of it, but if it does, you’ll be seeing much more blogging here in the coming days (since I won’t be at work).

But for now, it’s time to hit the bed. See you all next time!

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